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A very few of projects completed and to be completed

Dharmashala which was built up attaching to meditation centre in Watagala at the foot of Knuckles

A hermitage called Piyasiri Yogasramaya in Willachchiya, Anuradapura where this abode was constructed for the benifits of forest Bhikkus.
A Bhikku in Sripada adawiya where we constantly operate to facilitate the forest Bhikkus.
Another group of Bhikkus walking through the wilds to participate in "kutti puja" in Knuckles range.
While working to build up a kutti in Nagalakanda Monastery in Minneriya, Polonnaruwa
The huge pond constructed by “Sadaham Vijaya” to meet the needs of water for Bhikkus in a monastery located a few kilometres away from Kabithigollawa.
The books to set up a Buddhist Public Library in very rural village called “Ethala Vidda Weva” in Kabaithigollawa.
A monastery in Horowpathana the accute problem of theirs was water. A massive water project was carried out by the organization to supply water to abodes.
A hermitage in Kabithigollawa. The foundation financially helped to construct the shrime.
A Bhikku through the forest to village.
The submission and reverence from junior to senior .
Accompanied in a very simple procession for a religious ceremony in the jungle.
A view of Adam's peek(Sripada).
Against cristianization in Sri Lanka.
Against slaughter of animals.
A residence of a Bhikku in Kabithigollawa. Later this mud hut was made a permanant residence by us.
Dharmashala in Moragaha Ulpatha constructed with the help of Wishwa Parami Padanama.
A group of Bhikkus on an invitation for a "kutti puja" in the Knuckles range.
Kudumbigala Monastry in Panama, Pothuvil consists of many a rock cave where Bhikkus are leading a monastic life but the most pressing issue is water.
A bhikku whom we met in the Knuckles range where we often make visit to facilitate forest bhikkus.
The hermitage founded by Sadahamvijaya in Kawanthissapura, Seruwila, in East of Sri Lanka.
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